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Willie Ruff

Jazz/Classical Bassist, French Horn Player, Educator, Author, Fellowship Director

(1931 - )

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Gregorian chant, plain chant, and spirituals recorded in Saint Mark's Cathedral, Venice

others, H. du Mont, solo french horn Willie Ruff

Strayhorn - A Mitchell-Ruff Interpretation

The Mitchell-Ruff Duo

Ruff Duo

Dizzy Gillespie, Mitchell-Ruff Duo

Dizzy Gillespie & The Mitchell-Ruff Duo, V. 1

Dizzy Gillespie & The Mitchell-Ruff Duo

20 Special Fingers: Much Les & Catbird Seat

Les McCann & The Mitchell-Ruff Trio

Breaking the Silence - Standards, Strayhorn & Lullabies

Mitchell Ruff Duo, Dwike Mitchell, Willie Ruff

Pisano & Ruff : Under the Blanket

John Pisano, Willie Ruff

The Mitchell-Duff Duo (Their First Album)

The Mitchell Duff Duo, Dwight Mitchell, Willie Ruff

Appearing Nightly (Parliament) [Vinyl LP] [Stereo]

Dwike Mitchell, Willie Ruff
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William Knowlton Zinsser

Willie and Dwike: An American Profile


William Zinsser

Mitchell & Ruff: An American Profile in Jazz

Paul Dry

Willie Ruff

A Call to Assembly: The Autobiography of a Musical Storyteller

Kepler Label

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