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Patience Higgins

Saxophonist, Flutist, Clarinetist, French Horn Player, Educator

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Panelist at local802afm.org


CD--"Live in Harlem" at jazztime...
CD--"Live in Harlem" at maplesha...
CD--"Family Talk" at answers.com
CD--"Waiting for the Rain" at ja...
Performance at cabcalloway.cc/


On Broadway at ibdb.com
Photo at uptownatmintons.com
Video at youtube.com
Help Is Coming - Chuck Metcalf Octet Featuring Patience Higgins

Chuck Metcalf, Chuck Metcalf Octet, Patience Higgins

A Night in Tunisia

Errol Parker Features Higgins

One Line, Two Views

Muhal Richard Abrams Features Higgins

Waiting for the Rain

Rick Faulkner Features Higgins

Live in Harlem

Patience Higgins & the Sugar Hill 4tet
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