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Jimmy Cheatham

James R. Cheatham

Trombonist, Bassist, Composer, Arranger, Bandleader, Educator

(1924 - 2006)

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Sweet Baby Blues

Jeannie and Jimmy Cheatham

The Concord Jazz Heritage Series

Jeannie & Jimmy Cheatham, Sweet Baby Blues Band

Luv in the Afternoon

Jeannie and Jimmy Cheatham & The Sweet Baby Blues Band

Homeward Bound

Jeannie and Jimmy Cheatham

Back to the Neighborhood

Jeannie and Jimmy Cheatham

Blues & the Boogie Masters

Jeannie and Jimmy Cheatham

Basket Full of Blues

Jeannie and Jimmy Cheatham

The Dealer

Chico Hamilton Features Cheatham

Gud Nuz Bluz

Jeannie & Jimmy Cheatham and the Sweet Baby Blues
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Jeannie Cheatham

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