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Peter De Rose

Peter DeRose

Composer, Pianist

(1900 - 1953)

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Swingin' for Schuur

Diane Schuur & Maynard Ferguson Includes "Deep Purple"

The Essential Artie Shaw

Artie Shaw Includes "Deep Purple"

Way Out West

Sonny Rollins Includes "Wagon Wheels"

Lamp Is Low

Oscar Peterson

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Eddy Arnold
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Lyric Mitchell Parish, Muic by Peter De Rose

Deep Purple (Donny & Marie Osmond - Cover Page)

United Artists Music

Peter De Rose (music), Bert Shefter (music), Mitchell Parish (lyric)

The Lamp is Low

Robbins Music Corporation

Samy Gallop (lyric), Peter De Rose (music)

Autumn Serenade with Russ David on Cover

Robbins Music Corp.

Music-Peter De Rose, Lyric-Mitchell Parish

Deep Purple (Vocal Edition with lyrics in English and French and Piano/Chords)

Robbins Music Corporation

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