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Elsie Carlisle

Singer, Dancer

(1902 - 1977)

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Elsie Carlisle was born in Lancashire, England, went onstage at the age of six and became a headliner at sixteen. For many she became the quintessential flapper and would go on to sing with a number of the top English bands including the famous Ambrose Orchestra where she teamed with vocalist Sam Browne. Carlisle’s brash wit and personal flair with romantic and comedic songs would earn her top spot in the hearts of the British public and the nickname, “Radio Sweetheart Number One.” As if to reject that image, Carlisle added a good number of suggestive songs to her repertoire, some of which were banned by the BBC. With regards to jazz standards, Carlisle is remembered for her part in the London production of Wake Up and Dream (1929) where she introduced Cole Porter’s “What Is This Thing Called Love?” Carlisle retired from public life in her forties.

- Sandra Burlingame

Radio Sweetheart, Vol. 1

Elsie Carlisle

Midnight in Mayfair

Ambrose and his Orchestra, Elsie Carlisle, Sam Browne, Evelyn Dall, Jack Cooper, Vera Lynn

Vol. 2 : I Poured My Heart into a Song

Elsie Carlisle
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