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Kathryn Crawford

Singer, Actress

(1908 - 1980)

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Kathryn Crawford is always described as a “beautiful brunette.” She began her career on Broadway in the chorus of Hit the Deck, but it was Cole Porter’s The New Yorkers where she gained attention in 1930, introducing the song “Love for Sale.”

She began her film career in 1929 with four movies, among them a musical, Red Hot Rhythm, now believed to be lost, starring “Buddy” Rogers. She also had a leading role in Senor Americano opposite Ken Maynard. The following year she appeared in seven films, including The King of Jazz, featuring Paul Whiteman, Safety in Numbers, and the first talkie for singing cowboy Maynard, Mountain Justice, a B western in which she sang “Buffalo Gal.” She starred in another musical comedy in 1931, Flying High, with Pat O’Brien. After 1933 she made only one more film, City of Missing Girls in 1941.

- Sandra Burlingame

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