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Mayo Methot

Actress, Singer

(1904 - 1951)

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Mayo Methot began her Broadway career in 1923 and appeared in 10 shows before turning to Hollywood. As for her stage career she is best known for having introduced “More Than You Know” in the failed Great Day (1929) with music by Vincent Youmans.

In films she mostly played the second lead in hard-boiled roles such as “the other woman” or a gun moll. In 1937 she met Humphrey Bogart on the set of Marked Woman and they were married the following year. She made a few more films but essentially gave up her career in 1940, except for narrating Report from the Front with Bogart in 1944. It was well-known around Hollywood that theirs was a stormy marriage fueled by alcohol which led to physical violence. Methot’s nickname was “Sluggy.”

In 1945 Bogart divorced his third wife and married Lauren Bacall 11 days later.

- Sandra Burlingame

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