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Arthur Herzog Jr.

Arthur Louis Herzog Jr.


(1900 - 1983)

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Arthur Herzog, Jr. did not write a lot of songs, but he penned some gems with vocalist Billie Holiday--“Don’t Explain” (1939) and “God Bless the Child” (1941) which are inextricably linked to her.  The two also wrote the lesser known song “Somebody’s on My Mind” (1947).

With Irene Kitchings, who was the wife of pianist Teddy Wilson, Herzog collaborated on “Some Other Spring” (1939), “Ghost of Yesterday,” and “I’m Pulling Through” (1940), all of them initially recorded by Holiday.

- Sandra Burlingame


Billie Holiday (Includes "Don’t Explain,” “God Bless the Child,” and “Somebody’s on My Mind”)

Jazz Signatures - God Bless the Child: Very B.O.

Billie Holiday
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Billie Holiday, Arthur Herzog Jr.

God Bless the Child (Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor Books)


A visual interpretation of Holiday and Herzog's swing spiritual based on the proverb, "God blessed the child that's got his own."

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