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Dave Frishberg

David L. Frishberg

Pianist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Writer

(1933 - )

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Retromania: At the Jazz Bakery

Dave Frishberg

Do You Miss New York? Live at Jazz at Lincoln Center

Dave Frishberg

Quality Time

Dave Frishberg

The Starlit Hour

Rebecca Kilgore & Dave Frishberg

Dave Frishberg Classics

Dave Frishberg

Can't Take You

Dave Frishberg

Who's on First

Bob Dorough, Dave Frishberg

Where You at

Dave Frishberg

Lookin Good

Dave Frishberg

Not a Care in the World

Rebecca Kilgore, Dave Frishberg

By Himself - Arbors Piano Series 3

Dave Frishberg
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Dave Frishberg

Listen Here: Songs by Dave Frishberg

Hal Leonard Corporation

Dave Frishberg

I'm Hip and Other Songs Beyond Category

Ekay Music

Dave Frishberg

Dave Frishberg: Jazz Play-Along Volume 98

Hal Leonard Corporation

Clint Eastwood, Billy Crystal, Merv Griffin, Chris Botti, Dave Frishberg

TRYING TO GET GOOD - the Jazz Odyssey of Jack Sheldon


Bob Dorough, Jack Sheldon, Dave Frishberg

Schoolhouse Rock: Money Classroom Edition [Interactive DVD]

Disney Educational Productions


Frank Capp, John Pisano, Jack Sheldon, Dave Stone, David Frishberg

In New Orleans

Kultur Video


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