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Roger Kellaway

Pianist, Bassist, Composer, Arranger, Music Director, Producer

(1939 - )

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Interview at bobbydarin.com


CD--"Live at the Jazz Standard" ...
CD--"I Was There" (2005) at alla...
CD--"I Was There" (2004) at alla...
CD--"I Was There" at iporecordin...
CD--"I Was There" at popmatters.com
CD--"Cello Quartet" at washingto...
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CD--"Remembering Bobby Darin" at...
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Cello Quartet

Roger Kellaway Cello Quartet

Remembering Bobby Darin

Roger Kellaway Trio


The Roger Kellaway Trio

I Was There: Roger Kellaway Plays from the Bobby Darin Songbook

Roger Kellaway

Duet of One (Dig)

Eddie Daniels, Roger Kellaway

Live at the Jazz Standard (Dig)

Roger Kellaway

Concord Duo Series, Vol. 1: Life's a Take

Roger Kellaway & Red Mitchell

Memos from Paradise

Eddie Daniels Arranged by Kellaway

Roger Kellaway Trio

Roger Kellaway

Live at Maybeck Recital Hall, Vol. 11

Roger Kellaway
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All in the Family - The Complete First Season

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DVD Theme song by Kellaway

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