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Don Sebesky

Trombonist, Arranger, Conductor, Orchestrator, Composer, Bandleader, Writer

(1937 - )

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Three Works for Jazz Soloists and Symphony Orchestra

Don Sebesky

Kiroron I-Kiroro Melodies

Do Swing (Don Sebesky Orchestra)

Moving Lines

Don Sebesky

Rosary Murders

Don Sebesky, Bobby Laurel, Royal Philharmonic - London

Joyful Noise: A Tribute to Duke Ellington

Don Sebesky

Giant Box

Don Sebesky

Symphonic Sondheim: Don Sebesky Conducts the London Symphony Orchestra

JACKIE & ROY - Time & Love

Jackie Cain & Roy Kral, DON SEBESKY

I Remember Bill: A Tribute to Bill Evans

Don Sebesky
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Don Sebesky

Contemporary Arranger, Definitive Edition

Alfred Publishing Company

Don Sebesky

Hooray For Christmas

Fred Ahlert Music Corporation

Roger Angelini, Anita Barone, B. Constance Barry

Rosary Murders / Movie

Anchor Bay

VHS Contributed original music

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