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Raymond Klages


(1888 - 1947)

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Raymond Klages wrote the lyrics to Fats Waller’s “I’m More Than Satisfied” in 1927, but his collaboration with Jesse Greer would be his most fruitful. They contributed “Climbing Up the Ladder of Love” to Earl Carroll’s Vanities in 1926 and “One Step to Heaven” to the musical comedy Say When! in 1928. But 1929 was their big year. They wrote for the films Tide of Empire and Hollywood Revue of 1929, and their song for the film Marianne became a much loved standard, “Just You, Just Me

They scored the film Jazz Cinderella in 1930, which starred Myrna Loy, and contributed “Golden Sands” to the list of escapist songs that were popular during the Depression. In 1931 Klages collaborated with Jack Meskill and Frank Skinner on the lyrics to Vincent Rose’s “Are You Blue,” another big seller.

In 1941 Klages wrote lyrics to Felix Bernard’s music for the first of the Swing Symphony cartoons by Walter Lantz, $21 a Day—Once a Month and renewed his collaboration with Greer to write for the film Top Sergeant Mulligan.

- Sandra Burlingame

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