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Jack Teagarden

Trombonist, Vocalist, Bandleader

(1905 - 1964)

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Big T

Jack Teagarden

Mis'ry and the Blues

Jack Teagarden

B.G. and Big Tea in N.Y.C

Benny Goodman and Jack Teagarden

1930 Studio Sessions

Jack Teagarden

I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues

Jack Teagarden

It's Time for Tea/Has Anybody Here Seen Jackson?

Jack Teagarden

Muskrat Ramble

Jack Teagarden

Meet Me Where They Play the Blues

Jack Teagarden
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Jay D. Smith

Jack Teagarden: The Story of a Jazz Maverick (Da Capo Paperback)

Da Capo Press

Alain Gerber

Jack Teagarden : Pluie d'Etoiles sur l'Alabama


David Duane Lambert

A comparison of three divergent jazz trombone styles from 1953: Jack Teagarden, J. J. Johnson, and Frank Rosolino

ProQuest / UMI

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Jazz on a Summer's Day/A Summer's Day With Bert Stern

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DVD features Teagarden

Bing Crosby, Mary Martin, Brian Donlevy, Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson, J. Carrol Naish, Jack Teagarden, Harry Barris

Birth Of The Blues/Blue Skies - Double Feature

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DVD features Teagarden

Bobcats & Jack Teagarden

Dixieland Jazz (Vol. 1)

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Hoagy Carmichael, Meredith Blake, Jack Teagarden

Hoagy Carmichael - His Life and Music

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