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Louis Barbarin

Drummer, Ensemble Musician

(1902 - 1997)

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Jazz Greats of Old New Orleans

Sweet Emma Barrett;Louis and Paul Barbarin;Sharkey Bonano;George Guesnon;Armand Hug;George Lewis;Sherwood Mangiapanne;Eddie and Punch Miller;Louis Nelson;Alcide Pavageau;Jim Robinson;Alphonse Picou;Clement Tervalon;among others

A Night at Dixieland Hall, Volume 1

Albert ‘Papa' French;Jeanette Kimball;Louis Barbarin;Stewart Davis;Joseph ‘Cornbread' Thomas;Waldren ‘Frog' Joseph;Wendell Eugene;Alvin Alcorn

Dixieland Hall Presents Blanche Thomas, Am I Blue

Blanche Thomas;Albert ‘Papa' French;Jeanette Kimball;Waldren ‘Frog' Joseph;Alvin Alcorn;Joseph ‘Cornbread' Thomas;Frank Fields;Louis Barbarin

Last Journey of a Jazzman

Alford Grayson Clark;Paul Barbarin;Louis Barbarin;Placide Adams;Clement Tervalon;Worthia Thomas;Ernie Cagnolatti;Albert Waters;Avery ‘Kid' Howard;Andrew Morgan;Harold Dejan;Joseph Thomas;Minor Anderson;Joshua Willis

A Night at Dixieland Hall, Volume 2

Albert ‘Papa' French;Jeanette Kimball;Louis Barbarin;Frank Fields;Joseph ‘Cornbread' Thomas;Waldren ‘Frog' Joseph;Alvin Alcorn
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