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Jack Palmer

Pianist, Composer

(1900 - 1976)

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Jack Palmer, a self-educated pianist and composer, was born in Nashville, Tennessee. Amongst jazz standards, his best known songs include “Everybody Loves My Baby” (1924) and “I’ve Found a New Baby” (1926), both written with Spencer Williams.

Working as a Tin Pan Alley staff writer, Palmer co-wrote dozens of songs, many for motion picture soundtracks, including the two hits, “Boog It” (1940) with Cab Calloway and Buck Ram and “Jumpin’ Jive” (1939) with Cab Calloway and Frank Froeba.

The composer Jack Palmer should not be confused with trumpeter Jack Palmer (1913-2000) who played in the Red Norvo, Harry James, Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, and Artie Shaw bands.

- Jeremy Wilson

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