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Abate, Greg
Abbasi, Rez
Abbey, Leon
Abbs, Tom
Abbuehl, Susanne
Abdullah, Ahmed
Abercrombie, John
Aberle, Alexander
Ablanedo, Pablo
Abou-Khalil, Rabih
Abrams, Muhal Richard
Acox, Clarence
Acuna, Alejandro
Acuna, Alex
Acuna, Claudia
Adair, Beegie
Adair, Thomas
Adair, Thomas Montgomery
Adair, Tom
Adams, George
Adams, Park
Adams, Pepper
Adamson, Harold
Adderley, Cannonball
Adderley, Julian
Adderley, Julian "Cannonball"
Adderley, Julian Edwin
Adderley, Nat
Adderley, Nathaniel
Adler, Larry
Adler, Lawrence Cecil
Aerts, Philippe
Affif, Ron
Ahbez, Eden
Ahlert, Fred
Ahlert, Fred E.
Akiyoshi, Toshiko
Akst, Harry
Albam, Emmanuel
Albam, Manny
Alden, Howard
Aleman, Oscar
Alessi, Ralph
Alexander, Aaron
Alexander, Alger "Texas"
Alexander, Eric
Alexander, Montgomery Bernard
Alexander, Monty
Alexander, Texas
Alexandria, Lorez
Ali, Bardu
Ali, Rashied
Alias, Charles Donald Sr.
Alias, Don
Allemano, Lina
Allen, "Red"
Allen, Bob
Allen, Carl
Allen, Geri
Allen, Harry
Allen, Henry “Red”
Allen, Henry James Jr.
Allen, Marshall
Allen, Marshall Belford
Allen, Robert
Allen, Steve
Allison, Ben
Allison, Mose
Allison, Mose John Jr.
Allred, Bill
Allred, John
Allyson, Karrin
Almeida, Laurindo
Alpert, Herb
Alter, Myriam
Altschul, Barry
Alves, Carlos "Zingaro"
Amadie, Jimmy
Amaro, Dionisio Ramon Emilio Valdes
Amendola, Scott
Ammons, Albert
Ammons, Eugene
Ammons, Gene
Ammons, Gene "Jug"
Amram, David
Amram, David Werner III
Amy, Curtis
Andersen, Arild
Anderson, Cat
Anderson, Clifton
Anderson, Ed
Anderson, Edmund
Anderson, Ernestine
Anderson, Fred
Anderson, Ivie
Anderson, Ivie Marie
Anderson, Ivy Marie
Anderson, James Maxwell
Anderson, Maxwell
Anderson, Ray
Anderson, Roberta Joan
Anderson, Wessell
Anderson, Wessell "Warmdaddy"
Anderson, William Alonzo
Andrews, Ernie
Anselvitz, Benjamin
Aoki, Tatsu
Apfelbaum, Peter
Appleyard, Peter
Archer, Vicente
Ardley, Neil
Arlen, Harold
Arluck, Chaim
Arluck, Hyman
Armacost, Tim
Armstrong, Lil
Armstrong, Lil Hardin
Armstrong, Lillian Hardin
Armstrong, Louis
Armstrong, Louis Daniel
Arnheim, Gus
Arnold, Harry
Arriale, Lynne
Arshawsky, Arthur Jacob
Ascione, Joe
Ashby, Dorothy
Ashby, Hal
Ashby, Harold
Ashby, Harold Kenneth
Asmussen, Svend
Assad, Badi
Astaire, Adele
Astaire, Fred
Atwood, Eden
Austerlitz, Adele Marie
Austerlitz, Frederick
Austin, Lovie
Avenel, Jean-Jacques
Avital, Omer
Ayers, Roy
Ayler, Albert
Ayler, Don
Ayler, Donald
Azzara, Pat

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