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Cables, George
Cables, George Andrew
Cabrera, Yosvany Terry
Caesar, Irving
Caesar, Isodor
Cafiso, Francesco
Cahn, Sammy
Caine, Uri
Calderazzo, Joey
Caldwell, Anne
Calhoun, Cora
Calhoun, Will
Calhoun, William
Callaway, Ann Hampton
Callender, George "Red"
Callender, Red
Calloway, Cab
Calloway, Cabell III
Camero, Candido
Camilo, Michel
Campbell, Clementina Dinah
Campbell, James
Campbell, Jimmy
Campbell, L. James
Campbell, Royce
Campbell, Tommy
Candoli, Conte
Candoli, Conte Secundo
Candoli, Pete
Candoli, Walter Joseph
Capp, Frank
Cappuccio, Frank
Capurro, Alfredo
Carbou, Thomas
Cardenas, Stephen Antonio
Cardenas, Steve
Carey, Jack
Carey, Mutt
Carey, Papa Mutt
Carey, Thomas
Carlisle, Elsie
Carlton, Larry
Carmichael, Hoagland Howard
Carmichael, Hoagy
Caron, Alain
Carr, Amanda
Carr, Ian
Carr, Michael
Carr, Mike
Carrington, Terri Lyne
Carroll, Baikida
Carroll, Baikida E. J.
Carroll, Barbara
Carter, Bennett Lester
Carter, Benny
Carter, Betty
Carter, Daniel
Carter, James
Carter, John
Carter, Lorene
Carter, Lorraine
Carter, Regina
Carter, Ron
Carter, Ronald Levin
Carvin, Michael
Carvin, Michael W.
Cary, Marc
Cascais, Nelson
Cascales, Juan
Casey, Al
Casey, Albert Aloysius
Casey, Ken
Casey, Kenneth
Cassol, Fabrizio
Castle, Roy
Castro-Neves, Oscar
Caswell, Ron
Catherine, Philip
Catlett, "Big" Sid
Catlett, Big Sid
Catlett, Buddy
Catlett, George James
Catlett, Sid
Catlett, Sidney
Catlett, Walter
Cato, Minto
Cavanaugh, Page
Cavendish, Lady Charles
Celestin, Oscar Phillip
Celestin, Papa
Ceragioli, Peter Jr.
Cerri, Franco
Chadbourne, Eugene
Chaloff, Serge
Chambers, Dennis
Chambers, Joe
Chambers, Joseph Arthur
Chambers, Paul
Chambers, Paul Laurence Dunbar Jr.
Chapin, Thomas
Charlap, Bill
Charlap, William Morrison
Charles, Teddy
Chase, Bill
Cheatham, Adolphus Anthony
Cheatham, Doc
Cheatham, James R.
Cheatham, Jeannie
Cheatham, Jimmy
Cherry, Don
Cherry, Donald Eugene
Chestnut, Cyrus
Chiaiese, William Edward
Childers, Buddy
Childers, Marion "Buddy"
Chopek, Stephen
Christian, Charles Henry
Christian, Charlie
Christian, Emile
Christian, Emile Joseph
Christian, Frank
Christian, Jodie
Christiansen, Corey
Christlieb, Pete
Christopher, Evan
Christy, June
Chudnick, Robert Roland
Churchill, Frank E.
Cinelu, Mino
Clark, Conrad Yeatis
Clark, Mike
Clark, Sonny
Clarke, Kenny
Clarke, Seleno
Clarke, Stanley
Clausen, Thomas
Clay, Sonny
Clay, William "Sonny"
Clayton, Buck
Clayton, Gerald
Clayton, Gerald William
Clayton, Jay
Clayton, Jeff
Clayton, John
Clayton, Wilbur Dorsey
Clifford, Gordon
Cline, Nels
Cobb, Arnett
Cobb, Jimmy
Cobb, Wilbur James
Cobbs, Call
Cobbs, Call Jr.
Cobham, Billy
Cobham, William E. Jr.
Coetzee, Basil
Coetzee, Basil "Manenberg"
Coffin, Jeff
Cohan, Ryan
Cohen, Anat
Cohen, Avishai
Cohen, Marc
Cohen, Samuel
Cohen, Theodore Charles
Cohn, Al
Cohn, Alvin Gilbert
Colantone, Judith
Cole, Buddy
Cole, Cozy
Cole, Edwin LeMar
Cole, Freddy
Cole, Holly
Cole, Lionel Frederick
Cole, Nat
Cole, Nat “King”
Cole, Nat King
Cole, Nathanial Adam
Cole, Richard
Cole, Richie
Cole, William Randolph
Coleman, Annette
Coleman, George
Coleman, Ornette
Coleman, Steve
Coles, Johnny
Coles, Nathaniel Adams
Colianni, John
Collette, Buddy
Collette, William Marcel
Colley, Scott
Colligan, George
Collins, Burt
Collins, John
Collins, John Elbert
Collins, Johnny
Collins, Lee
Colton, Anita Belle
Coltrane, Alice
Coltrane, John
Coltrane, John William
Coltrane, Ravi
Coltrane, Turiya Alice
Colyer, Ken
Colyer, Kenneth
Combes, Thelma
Combs, Larry
Comden, Betty
Comstock, Frances
Condon, Albert Edwin
Condon, Eddie
Confrey, Edward Elzear
Confrey, Zez
Connelly, "Reg"
Connelly, Reginald
Connick, Harry Jr.
Connick, Joseph Harry Fowler
Connor, Chris
Connors, Bill
Connors, Norman
Conway, Patrick
Cook, Abbie Mitchell
Cook, Carla
Cooke, Dr. Charles L.
Cooke, Doc
Coolman, Todd
Coolman, Dr. Todd
Cooper, Bob
Cooper, Gloria
Cooper, Dr. Gloria
Coots, J. Fred
Coots, John Frederick
Copeland, Ray
Copland, Marc
Coppersmith, Barbara Carole
Corea, Armando Anthony
Corea, Chick
Coryell, Larry
Coslow, Sam
Costa, Eddie
Costa, Elis Regina Carvalho
Counce, Curtis
Cowell, Stanley
Cowell, Stanley A.
Cox, Ida
Cox, Norrie
Cranshaw, Bob
Cranshaw, Melbourne R.
Crawford, Bennie Ross Jr.
Crawford, Hank
Crawford, Joseph
Crawford, Kathryn
Crawley, Wilton
Creamer, Henry
Creath, Charles Cyril
Creath, Charles W.
Creath, Charlie
Crispell, Marilyn
Criss, Sonny
Criss, William
Crosby, Bing
Crosby, Bob
Crosby, George Robert
Crosby, Harry Lillis
Crosby, Israel
Crothers, Connie
Crow, Bill
Cuber, Ronald Edward
Cuber, Ronnie
Cuenca, Sylvia
Cunliffe, Bill
Curson, Ted
Curtis, Mann or Manny
Cyrille, Andrew

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Cyrus Chestnut

Cyrus Chestnut

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