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G, Kenny
Gabler, Milt
Gadd, Stephen K.
Gadd, Steve
Gaetano, Peter
Gaillard, Bulee
Gaillard, Slim
Gale, Eddie
Galeta, Cecil
Galeta, Hotep Idris
Galland, Stephane
Galliano, Richard
Galper, Hal
Galper, Harold
Gambale, Frank
Gambarini, Roberta
Gannon, Oliver
Gannon, Oliver Plunkett
Garbarek, Jan
Garcia, Paulinho
Garcia, Russ
Garcia, Russell
Garcia-Fons, Renaud
Garland, Judy
Garland, Red
Garland, Tim
Garland, William M.
Garner, Erroll
Garner, Linton
Garrett, Kenny
Garrick, Michael
Garrison, James Emory
Garrison, Jimmy
Garrison, Matt
Garrison, Matthew Justin
Garzone, George
Gaskill, Clarence
Gates, Giacomo
Gayetsky, Stanley
Gayetzky, Stanley
Gayle, Charles
Geller, Herb
Geller, Herbert
Genus, James
Germanson, Rick
Gershovitz, Jacob
Gershowitz, Israel
Gershwin, George
Gershwin, Ira
Gestrin, Chris
Getter, Jane
Getz, Stan
Getz, Stanley
Ghanaba, Kofi
Gibbons, Irene Joy
Gibbs, Terry
Gibson, Harry
Gilberto, Astrud
Gilberto, Joao
Gillespie, Dizzy
Gillespie, Haven
Gillespie, James Lamont Haven
Gillespie, John Birks
Gilmore, John
Girard, George
Gismonti, Egberto
Gismonti, Egberto Amin
Gittler, Morris
Giuffre, James Peter
Giuffre, Jimmy
Glaser, Matt
Glasper, Robert
Glasser, David
Glenn, Tyree
Glenn, Tyree Evans
Goldberg, Aaron
Golden, John
Golden, John L.
Goldings, Larry
Goldings, Lawrence Sam
Goldkette, Jean
Goldsby, John
Goldsby, John Mark
Goldstein, Gil
Goldstein, Harvey
Golia, Vinny
Golson, Benny
Gomez, Eddie
Gomez, Edgar
Gomez, Francisco Sanchez
Gonella, Nat
Gonella, Nathaniel Charles
Gonsalves, Paul
Gonzalez, Jerry
Goodall, Edith
Goodman, Benjamin David
Goodman, Benny
Goodman, Jerry
Goodwin, Gordon
Goold, Charles
Goold, Ned
Gordon, Dexter
Gordon, Dexter Keith
Gordon, Irving
Gordon, Joe
Gordon, Jon
Gordon, Joseph Henry
Gordon, Mack
Gordon, Wycliffe
Goreed, Joseph
Gorelick, Kenneth
Gorrell, Stuart
Gossage, Thom
Gough, Eleanora Fagan
Grace, Teddy
Grafton, Gloria
Granelli, Gerald John
Granelli, J. Anthony
Granelli, J.A.
Granelli, Jerry
Grant, Darrell
Grant, Tom
Granz, Norman
Grappelli, Stephane
Grappelly, Stephane
Gratkowski, Frank
Graves, Milford
Gray, Dolores
Gray, Glen
Gray, Lawrence
Gray, Wardell
Greco, Armando
Greco, Buddy
Greco, Chris
Greco, Christopher J.
Green, Adolph
Green, Bennie
Green, Benny
Green, Bunky
Green, Charlie
Green, Freddie
Green, Grant
Green, Grant Jr.
Green, Ian Ernest Gilmore
Green, John W.
Green, Johnny
Green, Mitzi
Green, Sadie
Green, Urban Clifford
Green, Urbie
Green, Vernice
Greene, Frederick William
Greene, Jimmy
Greenwich, Herbert Lawrence
Greenwich, Sonny
Greer, Jesse
Greer, Sonny
Grenadier, Larry
Gress, Drew
Grey, Al
Grey, Albert Thornton
Grice, George General Jr.
Griffin, Dick
Griffin, Johnny
Grillo, Francisco Raul Gutierrez
Grillo, Frank Raul
Grimes, Henry
Grimes, Henry Alonzon
Grimes, Lloyd
Grimes, Tiny
Grisman, David
Groody, Louise
Gross, Mark
Gross, Walter
Grossman, Arthur
Grossman, Steve
Grossman, Steven
Grosz, Martin Oliver
Grosz, Marty
Grouya, Ted J
Grouya, Theodor
Grouya, Theodore J
Gruntz, George
Gruntz, George
Gruntz, George Paul
Grusin, Dave
Gryce, Gigi
Guaragna, Salvatore Anthony
Guaraldi, Vince
Guarnieri, John Albert
Guarnieri, Johnny
Gubenko, Julius
Guerin, Roland
Guiducci, Simone
Gullin, Lars
Gullin, Lars Gunner Victor
Gumm, Frances
Gunn, Russell
Gurtu, Trilok
Gustavsen, Tord

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