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Hackett, Bobby
Hackett, Robert Leo
Haddad, Jamey
Haddad, Jamey George
Haden, Charles Edward
Haden, Charlie
Haden, Petra
Hagans, Tim
Haggart, Bob
Haggart, Robert Sherwood
Hahn, Jerry
Haig, Al
Haines, Steve
Hakim, Omar
Halberstadt, Randy
Hall, Alfred
Hall, Doug
Hall, Edmond
Hall, Jim
Hall, Tubby
Halliday, Robert
Hamilton, Chico
Hamilton, Foreststorn
Hamilton, Jeff
Hamilton, Jimmy
Hamilton, Nancy
Hamilton, Scott
Hammer, Jan
Hammer, Tardo
Hammerstein, Oscar II
Hammerstein, Oscar Greeley Clendinning II
Hammond, John
Hammond, John Sr.
Hampton, Lionel
Hampton, Lionel Leo
Hampton, Locksley Wellington
Hampton, Slide
Hancock, Herbie
Handy, W.C.
Handy, William Christopher
Hanighen, Bernard D.
Hanighen, Bernie
Hanley, James
Hanley, James Frederick
Hanna, Sir Roland
Hanna, Roland Pembroke
Hanshaw, Annette
Hanshaw, Catherine Annette
Hanson, Paul
Harbach, Otto
Harbach or Hauerbach, Otto Abels
Harburg, E. Y.
Harburg, Edgar
Harburg, Yip
Hardin, Lillian Beatrice
Hardin, Lillian Beatrice
Hardin-Armstrong, Lil
Hardman, Bill
Hardman, William Franklin Jr.
Hardwick, Otto
Hardwick, Otto J.
Hardwick, Toby
Hardy, Emmett
Hardy, Emmett Louis
Hardy, Julie
Hargrove, Roy
Harnell, Joe
Harney, Ben
Harney, Benjamin Robertson
Harper, Billy
Harper, Philip
Harper, Winard
Harrell, Tom
Harriott, Joe
Harris, Barry
Harris, Beaver
Harris, Bill
Harris, Craig
Harris, Eddie
Harris, Eugene
Harris, Gene
Harris, Jerome
Harris, Marion
Harris, Stefon
Harris, Will J.
Harris, Willard Palmer
Harris, William Godvin
Harrison, Donald
Harrison, Donald Jr.
Hart, Antonio
Hart, Billy
Hart, Larry
Hart, Lorenz
Hart, William
Hartman, John Maurice
Hartman, Johnny
Hass, Steve
Hatfield, Ken
Hatzigeorgiou, Michel
Hawes, Hampton
Hawkins, Coleman
Hawkins, Coleman Randolph
Hayes, Bradford
Hayes, Edward Brian
Hayes, Louis
Hayes, Louis Sedell
Hayes, Tubby
Haymes, Joe
Haynes, Graham
Haynes, Roy
Haynes, Roy Owen
Hays, Kevin
Hayton, Lennie
Hazeltine, David
Heard, J. C.
Heard, James Charles
Heath, Albert
Heath, Albert "Tootie"
Heath, James Edward
Heath, Jimmy
Heath, Kuumba Toudie
Heath, Percy
Heath, Samuel Percy
Heath, Ted
Heath, Tootie
Heckstall-Smith, Dick
Hedman, Norman
Hefti, Neal
Hegamin, Lucille
Hegamin, Lucille Nelson
Helias, Mark
Hellborg, Jonas
Helm, Lenora
Helm, Lenora Linda Holly
Helm, Lenora Zenzalai
Hemingway, Gerry
Hemmings, Paul
Hemphill, Julius
Hendelman, Tamir
Henderson, Eddie
Henderson, Edward Jackson
Henderson, Fletcher
Henderson, Horace
Henderson, James Fletcher
Henderson, Joe
Henderson, Ray
Henderson, Rosa
Henderson, Rosa
Henderson, Scott
Hendricks, John Carl
Hendricks, Jon
Hendricks, Michele
Henriksen, Arve
Herbert, Evelyn
Herbert, Victor
Herborn, Peter
Hering, Genevieve Lillian
Herman, Woodrow Charles
Herman, Woody
Hernandez, Horacio
Herring, Vincent
Hersch, Fred
Herwig, Conrad
Herzeele, Jeroen Van
Herzog, Arthur Jr.
Herzog, Arthur Louis Jr.
Heyman, Edward
Heyward, DuBose
Heyward, Edwin DuBose
Hibbler, Al
Hibbler, Albert George
Hickman, Art
Hicks, John
Hicks, John Josephus Jr.
Higgenbotham, Irene
Higginbotham, Irene
Higginbotham, J. C.
Higginbotham, Jack
Higginbotham, Jay C.
Higgins, Billy
Higgins, Eddie
Higgins, Edward Haydn
Higgins, Patience
Higgins, William
Hill, Alex
Hill, Alexander
Hill, Andrew
Hill, Buck
Hill, Dedette Lee
Hill, Roger
Hill, Ruby
Hines, Earl
Hines, Earl "Fatha"
Hines, Earl Kenneth
Hinton, Milt
Hinton, Milton John
Hipster", "Harry the
Hittelman, Joseph
Ho, Fred
Hobbs, Gary
Hobgood, Laurence
Hochberg, Isodore
Hodes, Art
Hodes, Arthur W.
Hodges, John Cornelius
Hodges, Johnny
Hoenig, Ari
Hofmann, Holly
Hogan, Louanne
Holdsworth, Allan
Holiday, Billie
Holland, Dave
Hollenbeck, John
Holley, Major
Holloway, James Wesley
Holloway, Red
Holman, Bill
Holman, Willis Leonard
Holmes, Richard “Groove”
Holmes, Richard Arnold
Holmes, Rodney
Holober, Mike
Hondorp, John
Hooker, William
Hope, Bob
Hope, Elmo
Hope, Elmo Sylvester
Hope, Leslie Townes
Hopkins, Greg
Horiuchi, Glenn
Horn, Paul
Horn, Shirley
Horne, Lena
Horvitz, Wayne
Houben, Steve
Houghston, Walter
Houle, Francois
Houn, Fred Wei-Han
Howard, Eddy
Howard, George
Howard, Jane
Hubbard, Freddie
Hubbell, John Raymond
Hubbell, Raymond
Huber, Alexandre
Hucko, Michael Andrew
Hucko, Peanuts
Huddleston, William Emanuel
Hudson, Will
Hughes, Jeff
Hughes, Dr. Jeff
Humair, Daniel
Humes, Helen
Hunsecker, Ralph Uriah
Hunt, Pee Wee
Hunt, Walter Herman
Hunter, Alberta
Hunter, Charlie
Hurst, Bob
Hurst, Robert
Hurst, Robert L. III
Huston, Walter
Hutcherson, Bobby
Hutchinson, Greg
Hutchinson, Gregory
Hwang, Jason Kao
Hyman, Dick

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