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L'Ouverture II, Donaldson Toussaint
La Barbera, John
La Menthe, Ferdinand Joseph
La Mothe, Ferdinand Joseph
La Roca, Pete
La Roca, Pete
LaBarbera, Joe
Laboriel, Abe
Laboriel, Abraham
Laboriel, Abraham Sr.
Lacen, Anthony
Lackritz, Steven
Lacy, Frank
Lacy, Frank Jr.
Lacy, Ku-umba
Lacy, Steve
Ladnier, Thomas J.
Ladnier, Tommy
Lady Ella
LaFaro, Rocco Scott
LaFaro, Scott
Lagrene, Bireli
Laine, Cleo
Laine, Dame Cleo
Laine, Frankie
Laine, George Vetiala
Laine, George Vital
Laine, George Vitelle
Laine, Papa Jack
Lake, Bonnie
Lake, Oliver
Lake, Oliver Eugene
Lalama, Ralph
Lamour, Dorothy
Land, Harold
Lande, Art
Landreaux, Elizabeth Mary
Lane, Burton
Lang, Eddie
Lanphere, Don
Lanphere, Donald Gale
Larkins, Ellis
Larkins, Ellis Lane
Larsen, Morten Gunnar
Lasha, Prince
LaSpina, Steve
LaSpina, Steven Frank
Laswell, Bill
Lateef, Yusef
Lateef, Dr. Yusef
Latouche, John
Latouche, John Treville
Laverne, Andy
LaVerne, Andy
Lawrence, Gertrude
Lawrence, Jack
Lawrence-Klasen, Gertrud Alexandra Dagmar
Lawrence-Klasen, Gertrude Alexandria Dagmar
Laws, Hubert
Laws, Ronald
Laws, Ronnie
Lawsha, William B.
Lawson, John Rhea
Lawson, Yank
Layton, John Turner
Layton, Turner
Lazarus, Sara
Leali, Brad
Lecuona, Ernesto
Lecuona y Casado, Ernesto
LeDonne, Mike
Lee, Caroline
Lee, Gaby
Lee, Jeanne
Lee, Mandy
Lee, Peggy
Lees, Gene
Lehman, Steve
Leitch, Peter
Leitch, Peter John
Lemare, Jules
Lemmler, Matt
Lemott, Ferdinand Joseph
Lengsfelder, Hans Jan
Lenk, Harry
Leonhardt, David
Leonhart, Carolyn
Leonhart, James Chancellor
Leonhart, Jay
Lerner, Alan
Lerner, Alan Jay
Leslie, Lew
Lester, Billy
Levant, Oscar
Levey, Stan
Leviev, Milcho
Levine, Mark
Levine, Ted
Levinson, Robert
Levitt, Rod
Levy, Burton
Levy, Lou
Levy, Louis A.
Levy, Shirley
Lewis, George
Lewis, Herbie
Lewis, John
Lewis, John Aaron
Lewis, Meade “Lux”
Lewis, Meade Anderson
Lewis, Mel
Lewis, Morgan
Lewis, Ramsey
Lewis, Ramsey Emmanuel Jr.
Lewis, Sam M.
Lewis, Samuel M.
Lewis, Steve
Lewis, Ted
Lewis, Victor
Liebman, Dave
Lightcap, Chris
Lincoln, Abbey
Lindberg, John
Lindner, Jason
Link, Harry
Linkey, Harry
List, Garrett
Liston, Melba
Liston, Melba Doretta
Liston, Virginia
Little, Booker
Livingston, Anthony Joseph
Livingston, Fud
Livingston, Jacob Harold
Livingston, Jay
Livingston, Joseph A
Lloyd, Charles
Locke, Joe
Lockwood, Didier
Loeb, Chuck
Loesser, Frank
Loewe, Frederick
Loewe, Fritz
Lonberg-Holm, Fred
Lonberg-Holm, Frederick
London, Julie
Long Tall Dexter, LTD
Loos, Charles
Lopez, Israel "Cachao"
Lopez, Ray
Loriers, Nathalie
Loueke, Lionel
Louis, Kevin
Loussier, Jacques
Lovano, Joe
LoVecchio, Frankie Paul
Lowe, Frank
Lowe, James Mundell
Lowe, Mundell
Lubambo, Romero
Lucas, Nick
Ludwig, Gene
Lunceford, James Melvin
Lunceford, Jimmie
Lundy, Carmen
Lupri, Matthias
Lurie, John
Luster, Shirley
Luty, Christopher
Lyman, Abe
Lynch, Brian
Lynne, Gloria
Lyons, Jimmy
Lytle, Johnny
Lyttelton, Humphrey
Lyttelton, Humphrey Richard Adeane

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