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Mabern, Harold
Mabern, Harold Jr.
Mac, Jackie
MacAlpine, Tony
MacDonald, Ballard
Macero, Attilio Joseph
Macero, Teo
MacLeod, Alice
MacMurray, Fred
MacMurray, Frederick Martin
MacPherson, Fraser
MacPherson, John Fraser
Madsen, Peter
Maghostus, Malachi Favors
Maghostut, Malachi Favors
Magidson, Herb
Magidson, Herbert
Magnarelli, Joe
Magnusson, Bob
Magnusson, Robert William
Mahanthappa, Rudresh
Mahogany, Kevin
Mainieri, Michael Jr.
Mainieri, Mike
Makowicz, Adam
Malaby, Tony
Malinverni, Pete
Malneck, Matt
Malneck, Matty
Malone, Russell
Man, Future
Mance, Julian Clifford Jr.
Mance, Junior
Mancini, Enrico Nicola
Mancini, Henry N.
Mandel, John Alfred
Mandel, Johnny
Maneri, Joe
Maneri, Mat
Mangelsdorff, Albert
Mangione, Chuck
Mangione, Chuck Frank
Mann, Herbie
Mann, Janis
Manne, Sheldon
Manne, Shelly
Mannone, Joseph Matthews
Manone, Wingy
Marable, Fate
Marable, Larance
Marable, Lawrence Norman
Marcellino, Maurice
Marcellino, Muzzy
Margitza, Rick
Margolis, Kitty
Mariano, Carmine Ugo
Mariano, Charlie
Maricle, Sherrie
Maricle, Dr. Sherrie
Marie, Rene
Markowitz, Phil
Marks, Gerald
Marmarosa, Dodo
Marmarosa, Michael
Marriott, Thomas
Marriott, Tom
Marsala, Joe
Marsalis, Branford
Marsalis, Delfeayo
Marsalis, Ellis
Marsalis, Ellis Jr.
Marsalis, Jason
Marsalis, Wynton
Marsh, Warne
Marsh, Warne Marion
Martignon, Hector
Martin, Billy
Martin, Claire
Martin, Hugh
Martin, Sara
Martin, Tony
Martin, William Hugh
Martin, Zeke
Martino, Pat
Marvell, Holt
Maschwitz, Eric
Masekela, Hugh
Mason, Harvey
Mason, Harvey Sr.
Massana, Vincente Montoliu
Massaro, Salvatore
Massey, Cal
Massot, Michel
Masuo, Yoshiaki
Matassa, Greta
Mateen, Sabir
Mathews, Ronald Albert
Mathews, Ronnie
Matta, Nilson
Maupin, Bennie
May, Billy
May, William E.
Mayer, Jon
Mayfield, Irvin
Mays, Bill
Mays, Lyle
Mays, Lyle David
Mays, William G.
Mazurek, Rob
Mazurek, Robert
Mazurek, Robert
Mazzola, Guerino
McBee, Cecil
McBirnie, Bill
McBride, Christian
McCall, Steve
McCandless, Paul
McCann, Les
McCann, Leslie Coleman
McCaslin, Donny
McConnell, Rob
McConnell, Robert Murray Gordon
McCorkle, Susannah
McCroby, Ron
McCurdy, Roy
McDermott, Tom
McDonald, Stan
McDougall, Ian
McDuff, Brother Jack
McDuff, Jack
McDuffy, Eugene
McFarland, Gary
McFerrin, Bobby
McGann, Bernard Francis
McGann, Bernie
McGarry, Kate
McGhee, Howard
McGregor, Chris
McGriff, James Harrell
McGriff, Jimmy
McHenry, Bill
McHugh, James Francis
McHugh, Jimmy
McIntyre, Ken
McIntyre, Kenneth Arthur
McIntyre, Dr. Makanda Ken
McKenna, Dave
McKenna, David
McKenzie, Red
McKenzie, William
McKibbon, Al
McKibbon, Albert Benjamin
McKinley, Ray
McKinley, Raymond Frederick
McKinney, Bernard Atwell
McKinney, Bill
McKinney, William
McLaughlin, John
McLaughlin, Mahavishnu John
McLean, Jackie
McLean, Rene
McMath, Virginia Katherine
McNair, Harold
McNeely, James Harry
McNeely, Jim
McNeil, John
McPartland, James Douglas
McPartland, Jimmy
McPartland, Marian
McPhee, Joe
McPherson, Charles
McPherson, Charles Sr.
McPherson, Eric
McRae, Carmen
McShann, James Columbus
McShann, Jay
McVea, Jack
McVea, John Vivian
Mechem, Lori
Medeski, John
Mehegan, John
Mehldau, Brad
Melford, Myra
Melle, Gil
Mellin, Robert
Melrose, Frank
Melrose, Franklyn Tate
Melvoin, Mike
Mendoza, Vince
Mengelberg, Misha
Menza, Don
Mercer, John Herndon
Mercer, Johnny
Mercer, Mabel
Merian, Leon
Merman, Ethel
Merrill, Helen
Merrill, Joan
Merritt, Jymie
Mesirow, Milton
Metheny, Pat
Methot, Mayo
Meurkens, Hendrik
Meyers, Paul
Mezzrow, Mezz
Mikkelborg, Palle
Milceltic, Jelena Ana
Miles, Lizzie
Miles, Ron
Miley, Bub
Miley, Bubber
Miley, James Wesley
Miller, Allison
Miller, Alton Glenn
Miller, Glenn
Miller, Marcus
Miller, Mulgrew
Millinder, Lucius Venable
Millinder, Lucky
Mills, Irving
Minasi, Dom
Mingus, Charles
Mingus, Charles Jr.
Mingus, Charlie
Mintzer, Bob
Mitchell, Abbey
Mitchell, Abbie
Mitchell, B.
Mitchell, Billy
Mitchell, Blue
Mitchell, Dwike
Mitchell, Gordon II
Mitchell, Grover
Mitchell, Joni
Mitchell, Keith Moore
Mitchell, Red
Mitchell, Richard Allen
Mitchell, Roscoe
Mitchell, Whitey
Mitchell, Willie Melvin
Mlely, G. F.
Mobley, Hank
Mobley, Henry
Moffett, Charles
Moffett, Charnett
Moholo, Louis
Moholo, Louis Tebogo
Moholo-Moholo, Louis
Mole, Irving Milfred
Mole, Miff
Molineaux, Othello
Moll, Billy
Molvaer, Nils Petter
Monaco, Tony
Moncur, Grachan II
Moncur, Grachan III
Monder, Ben
Monheit, Jane
Monk, T.S.
Monk, Thelonious
Monk, Thelonious Sphere
Monk, Thelonious Sphere Jr.
Montand, Yves
Monterose, Frank Anthony Jr.
Monterose, J.R.
Montgomery, Buddy
Montgomery, Charles F.
Montgomery, Eurreal Wilford
Montgomery, John Leslie
Montgomery, Little Brother
Montgomery, Monk
Montgomery, Wes
Montgomery, William Howard
Montoliu, Tete
Montrose, Jack
Moody, James
Moore, Dudley
Moore, Dudley Stuart John
Moore, Glen
Moore, Michael
Moore, Michael
Moore, Michael Watson
Moore, Oscar
Moore, Oscar Frederic
Moore, Robert
Moore, Stanton
Moran, Jason
Moreira, Airto
Morell, Marty
Morello, Joe
Morello, Joseph A.
Moreno, Mike
Moreno, Tony
Moret, Neil
Morey, Larry
Morgan, Frank
Morgan, Lee
Morgan, Russ
Moroni, Dado
Moroni, Edgardo
Morris, Alvin
Morris, Butch
Morris, Joe
Morris, Lawrence D.
Morris, Leo
Morris, Thomas
Morris, Tommy
Morrison, James
Morrison, James Lloyd
Morrissey, Dick
Morton, Bennie
Morton, Benny
Morton, Jelly Roll
Mosca, Sal
Mosca, Salvatore Joseph
Moseka, Aminata
Moses, Bob
Moses, Rakalam Bob
Moses, Robert Laurence
Moss, Danny
Most, Sam
Moten, Bennie
Moten, Buster
Moten, Ira
Moten, Ira "Buster"
Motian, Paul
Moye, Famoudou Don
Mraz, George
Mraz, Jiri
Mtoto, Pepo
Mtume, James
Mueller, Gus
Mueller, Gussie
Mueller, Gustav
Muhammad, Idris
Muldrow, Ronald
Muller, Gunter
Mulligan, Gerald Joseph
Mulligan, Gerry
Mullins, Rob
Murphy, Mark
Murphy, Melvin Edward Alton
Murphy, Turk
Murray, David
Murray, Don
Murray, James Marcellus Arthur
Murray, Sunny
Musillami, Michael
Musso, Vido
Mussolini, Romano
Muthspiel, Christian
Muthspiel, Wolfgang
Myerson, Jay

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