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Ra, Sun
Raab, Harry
Rab, Rabbit or
Rabia, Aliyah
Rabinowitz, Sidney
Radocchia, Emilio
Raeburn, Boyd
Raeburn, Boyde Albert
Rafferty, Adam
Ragin, Hugh
Rainey, Gertrude "Ma"
Rainey, Gertrude Malissa Nix Pridgett
Rainey, Ma
Rainey, Thomas
Rainey, Tom
Rainger, Ralph
Rajonsky, Milton
Raksin, David
Ram, Buck
Ram, Samuel "Buck"
Ramirez, Ram
Ramirez, Roger "Ram"
Ramirez, Roger J.
Ramm, B.
Raney, Doug
Raney, James Elbert
Raney, Jimmy
Raney, Sue
Rankin, Kenny
Rapson, John
Rava, Enrico
Rawls, Lou
Raye, Don
Razaf, Andy
Razafinkerierfo, Andreamenentania Paul
Red, Rhubarb
Red, Sonny
Redd, Chuck
Redd, Freddie
Redman, Dewey
Redman, Don
Redman, Don Matthew
Redman, Joshua
Redman, Walter Dewey
Redmond, John
Reece, Alphonso Son
Reece, Dizzy
Reed, Ed
Reed, Eric
Reed, Waymon
Reedus, Tony
Reeves, Dianne
Reeves, Nat
Regina, Elis
Reichenthal, Ralph
Reichman, Harold
Reid, Rufus
Reijseger, Ernst
Reinhardt, Django
Reinhardt, Jean-Baptiste
Remler, Emily
Rena, Henry
Rena, Kid
Renaud, Henri
Rendell, Don
Reser, Harry
Revis, Eric
Rhea, Constance
Ribot, Marc
Rich, Bernard
Rich, Buddy
Richards, Ann
Richards, Emil
Richards, Johnny
Richardson, Jerome
Richman, Harry
Ridl, Jim
Ridley, Larry
Ridley, Laurence Howard
Ridley, Dr. Tsepo Larry
Riel, Alex
Riggins, Karriem
Riggs, James
Riggs, Jim
Riley, Ben
Riley, Herman
Riley, James P.
Riley, John
Riley, Teddy
Riley, Terry
Riley, Theodore
Rinker, Mildred
Ritenour, Lee
Ritenour, Lee Mack
Rivera, Mario
Rivers, Mavis
Rivers, Mavis Chloe
Rivers, Sam
Rivers, Samuel Carthorne
Roach, Freddie
Roach, Max
Roach, Maxwell Lemuel
Robbin, Sid
Robert, George
Roberts, Charles Luckeyth
Roberts, Howard
Roberts, Howard Mancel
Roberts, Luckey
Roberts, Marcus
Robin, Leo
Robin, Sid
Robinson, Big Jim
Robinson, Henry Berthold
Robinson, J. Russel
Robinson, Jim
Robinson, Mamie
Robinson, Nathan
Robinson, Spike
Robison, Willard
Roche, Betty
Rodby, Steve
Rodgers, Richard
Rodgers, Richard Charles
Roditi, Claudio
Rodney, Red
Rodrigues, Ernesto
Rodrigues, Guilherme
Rodriguez, Bob
Rodriguez, Roberto Juan
Roebke, Jason
Rogers, Adam
Rogers, Ginger
Rogers, Shorty
Roker, Granville "Mickey"
Roker, Mickey
Rollini, Adrian
Rollins, Sonny
Rollins, Theodore Walter
Romberg, Sigmund
Ronell, Ann
Roney, Wallace
Rosaly, Frank
Rose, Billy
Rose, Vincent
Roseman, Josh
Rosenberg, Stochelo
Rosenberg, William Samuel
Rosenblatt, Anna
Rosengarden, Bobby
Rosengarden, Robert Marshall
Rosenthal, Ted
Rosenwinkel, Kurt
Rosewoman, Michele
Rosner, Adi or Eddy
Rosner, Adolph
Rosner, Eddie
Rosnes, Renee
Rosolino, Frank
Ross, Annie
Rossi, Mick
Rothenberg, Ned
Rotondi, Jim
Rouse, Charlie
Rovere, Gilbert
Rovere, Gilbert "Bibi"
Rowles, Jimmy
Rowles, Stacy
Royal, Ernest Andrew
Royal, Ernie
Royal, Marshal
Royal, Marshall Walton
Rozen, Issi
Rubalcaba, Gonzalo
Rubin, Vanessa
Rubinstein, Harry
Ruby, Harry
Rudd, Roswell
Ruff, Willie
Ruffins, Kermit
Rugolo, Pete
Ruiz, Hilton
Rumsey, Howard
Rushing, James Andrew
Rushing, Jimmy
Russell, Bob
Russell, Charles Ellsworth
Russell, George
Russell, George Allen
Russell, Hal
Russell, Luis
Russell, Luis Carl
Russell, Pee Wee
Russell, S. K.
Russell, Sidney Keith
Rustus, Broadway
Ruther, Wyatt
Ruther, Wyatt "Bull"
Rutherford, Paul
Ryan, Jackie
Ryerson, Ali
Rypdal, Terje

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